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Widespread Panic - Monday - NYE-20190101

Starting with the New Year's Eve Run - Shows & location TBA - you are on the guest list (plus 1) for every show on Widespread Panic's Tour 

  • The pass is good for all Widespread Panic Tour dates from December 29, 2019 through December 20, 2020. 

  • The winner's name will be on the guest list (plus 1) to every show on the tour

  • Minimum # of expected performances - 35

  • Seats: Band Holds (AKA -good seats)

  • The pass includes all shows on the Widespread Panic Tour & Trondossa 

  • The winner is allowed 5 transfers for the year. The winner will be permitted to submit 1 name per "run". In other words, if you cannot make it to a particular city, you can submit one name for the guest list (plus 1) for the run of shows in that city.

  • You are NOT ALLOWED TO BE COMPENSATED -IN ANY WAY- FOR THESE TiX. The pass will be revoked immediately if it is determined that it has been misused in any way

  • The pass does NOT include Festivals

  • The pass does NOT include Charity Events

  • The pass does NOT include Panic en la Playa

  • You are allowed to win the pass & "gift" it to someone else - naming one person as the winner.

  • If you have any questions, please contact Kristie Greene 646.526.0703 This raffle is hosted by Nuçi's Space so please do not contact Widespread Panic

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